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3House was founded in 2004, with the first centre in Tampines. As of today's date, we have 3 centres in Tampines and we are constantly looking to expand our education centres to help benefit parents & students across Singapore. 


Over the years, 3House believes in incorporating 3 different aspects into a child's learning and development throughout their years with us.


We want to help the children find their own voice, mindset and core values to live by. The individuality of each child and being vocal about it are important.

We also believe that cognitive training and daily interaction between teachers and peers would help the child grow tremendously.



In 3House, we feel that not everything can be learnt from the books.. Our teachers pass on the knowledge, guide the children through the learning process and ensure that they see the relevance to it in real life.

We emphasize on theory, practicality & application..



At a young age, it is important to let the children get in touch with their creative and artistic side. This would help the children express themselves as they grow up and help them find a new hobby or 2.

We encourage children to think outside the box and see the world  with their own eyes.


We want to mold these children into amazing individuals with bright futures ahead of them. Individuals who have their own identity, thinking and mindset and yet they are able to work well with others and cope in an ever changing society.

Our programmes constantly revolve around these 3 core factors making our approach a holistic one.





We strive to cultivate children who walk through our doors to learn:

  • Joyfully - finding Joy & Fun in what comes their way.

  • Curiously - filled with wonder & will ask questions spontaneously.

  • Graciously - learn humbly & share with others what knowledge they have.



In every location we have there is a basic team of educators, We would be sharing a bit as to what you can expect from our teachers and what we take pride in our team of teachers for. Our educators are subject-based and not confined to the age group or levels within the school/learning centres.

Centre Manager

In every centre, there is the skeleton who ensures that everything runs well. Our Centre Manager is the one that makes sure that everything runs smoothly, from classes to children's transport or movements. The Centre Manager is also in-charge of the entire outlook of that centre.

English Teacher

Our English teachers help children grasp the basic linguistic needs that need to have at a young age, followed by helping them improve it and become well versed in the language as they progress up the levels in 3House.

Once your child graduates from 3House, he/she should be able to pronounce much clearer and more concise than before. Your child should also have grasp the basics of Vocabulary and Grammar and is internalising it with ease.

Maths Teacher

Our teachers believe in helping the children understand the joy in recognising numbers and being able to see the numeric value in them at a young age. Once the children know that at the back of their hands, these "Calculators" will help the children understand how to adjust the values of these numbers through arithmetic as they progress with us.


Once your child leaves 3House they would be able to do Mathematics without any qualms!

Chinese Teacher

Having a second language or third, is as important as the first. Our teachers are here to ensure that the children get the exposure to Chinese in the most fun and enjoyable way as possible. Our teachers would go through word recognition, pronunciation and vocabulary with the children as they progress through the years. Our teachers use Whole Brain Learning when teaching Chinese, to use visualisation in the right brain to simulate faster learning.

When your child graduates from 3House, they should have grasp the basics from our mentors and be able to converse and understand in a new language!


Academics is not all there is to education, there are other factors in play too. In 3House we believe Moral Education and Penmanship are very important. Our teachers are here to ensure that these basics are set in place at a young age. We want children to hone their handwriting skills and understand their characters well before moving on to a higher education.

When they leave 3House, the children would have understood their own nature in penmanship and what is in the core of their characters.

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