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About Us

3House Philosophy

Over the years, 3House believes in incorporating 3 different aspects into a child's learning and development throughout their years with us, to help each child understand the HAPPINESS IN LEARNING.

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We believe character development is a vital component that goes beyond academic learning. It equips students with the social and emotional skills needed to navigate life's complexities, make ethical decisions, and contribute positively to their communities. Character education programs and initiatives aim to instill these values and traits in students, nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also morally upright.


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The pursuit of knowledge is central to empowering individuals with the tools to adapt, innovate, and solve complex challenges. It equips students with the capacity to analyze, synthesize, and apply information, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In 3House we believe that knowledge is not merely an accumulation of data but the key to informed decision-making and personal development.

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In 3House, fostering creativity is essential for nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of adapting to an ever-changing world. It empowers students to approach challenges with fresh insights, encouraging them to question, experiment, and explore. Creative thinkers are resourceful, open-minded, and unafraid of taking risks.
Creativity can manifest through various forms, including visual arts, literature, music, science, and even everyday problem-solving. It is a dynamic process that encourages individuals to tap into their inner reservoir of ideas, collaborate with others, and transform their visions into reality.

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Encourage each child to learn effectively and efficiently in their own way.

We aim to provide a better understanding in all areas of learning for children to achieve excellence in their academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Methodology & Curriculum

3House uses a whole-brain learning method while enforcing an inquiry-based learning approach. Our primary focus is to ensure that children are mentally challenged and stimulated to constantly find different ways to solve questions both in formal and casual settings.

Our curriculum follows:

  • Subject-based learning with occasional subject blending at the appropriate times.

  • Cultivate a good mindset through work and interaction with friends.

  • Academic Excellence through reinforcement, application, and testing.

3House fundamentally believes we need to help children T.R.A.P the knowledge that they learn.

T - Teach

Through detailed and clear explanations, children can understand concepts in their own ways accurately.

R - Reinforce
3House ensures students will be taught the same techniques to answer the questions. Be it tips and tricks in spotting the questions, methods in deriving mathematical answers, or providing keywords in Science questions.

A - Apply

The application of the knowledge learned helps children understand their solutions and work through their thought processes better.

P - Practice

Adequate practice through exposure of different questions children will be familiar with different kinds of questions in the future.

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Partnerships with Parents

3House aspires to establish a strong connection with parents for the benefit of nurturing and educating the children entrusted to us. 

Open communication is strongly encouraged as this allows teachers and parents to work hand-in-hand, to build a mutual understanding

3House does timely check-in sessions with parents whenever required.

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