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3 House believes in giving a child opportunities to improve their character and explore creativity.

We offer some special enrichment classes to help with children of all age groups achieve that through different approaches.


In 3House we constantly look for people who love people and children, also taking into consideration that the programme will truly benefit individuals in the long run. We want individuals to be able to know who they are and express themselves with ease as they group up to be come amazing people.

Cognitive Training

Age Group: 3 - 12

Price: $120

Location: 3House Learning Centre (Tampines East) &

  3House Kindergarten

NeeuroFIT is a cognitive training enrichment programme that improves the cognitive abilities of children. Learning takes place through playing cognitive games that have been scientifically developed to challenge the mind.


Parents who adopt this programme would be able to do the exercise with the children at home at their own pace as well. Parents can also expect to have tabs on their children results through out the weeks and months of training to see how they are fairing.

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Something about the Neeuro Trainers

We require our trainers to have experience with children and believe in the positives of cognitive training. It is also necessary that they have a passion for people. All trainers will undergo a NeeuroFIT certification programme before being able to teach.

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I am totally sold by this neeuro fit brain training.

When fun is being incorporated with cognitive training, why not?

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