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In our Learning Centres, we believe in enriching a child's life from a young age of 2 and onward. With a wide range of classes for both preschoolers and primary students, we believe you can find something for you child.


Our learning centres hold classes that improve academic results and also introduce students to their creative sides. There are also programmes that help children build their character.

We want to help children find their happiness in learning while acknowledging that 3House is a fun place of learning.

Currently our learning centres are located in Tampines, East Singapore. We constantly want to bring in new programmes to enrich student's lives. We are also looking for opportunities to expand at all times.


I ❤ English

Our curriculum is designed to help children build a strong foundation in English language from young.  Upon completion of all four modules will ensure smooth integration to Primary school.

AGES: 3-6


Poh Xiu Jing

Parent of Jayden Hong (6)

Really appreciate the effort, time and hardwork the teachers put in. Jayden had been with 3House since Kinderplay, from a quiet & shy boy to a confident and chatty boy. Kudos to all teachers who had been through this journey with him. Thank you for your dedication and love. You have a wonderful team of teachers.


Deepak & Rasmi

Parents of Arpan Rath (6)

We are really happy with the progress and performance of Arpan. As Arpan always says. "my teachers know everything". We also noticed, as teachers, they have built up his strength, confidence, courage and discipline along with his studies. The teachers are so friendly and approachable. We are proud that our child is a student of 3 House.



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