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We believe in giving your child a helping hand in their education. Our tuition focus on ensuring that there are results that you can see, both in the short run and the long run. Our tutors work closely with 3House on the curriculum that we have come out with, we focus on what is important for the children - Basics, Drilling when necessary & Examination Preparations. With competitive prices and qualified teachers that have previous amazing results with students under them, we believe that you will not be short-changed if you put your child with us.

We cater mostly to Primary School Tuition for English, Math and Science, we do a teacher student ratio of 1:10 to ensure that it is the most effective.

If you require any credentials of our teachers feel free to contact us and we will send it to you privately, thank you!


Level: Primary 1 - Primary 6

Price Range: $80 - 140

Location: 3House Learning Centre (Tampines East)

English Tuition

Creative Writing

Available for Primary 1 to 6

If your child is having struggles with their Paper 1 Composition, we believe that our English Creative Writing tuition would benefit them. This 1 hour intensive lesson helps your child understand what is required to compose a good piece of writing. Take it as a consultation session with a private tutor who will look into each student's error and help correct them personally. The tutor will go through sentence structure issues and grammar errors just to name a few.

Our programme would also help your child. improve on the way they write their compositions and ensure that they can elevate their writing to another level.

$80-$100 (1 Hour per Lesson, 4 Lessons per Month)

Paper 2 Training

Available for Primary 1 to 6

Our English tuition is a curriculum that focuses on a linguistic approach, we guarantee that your child would be able to grasp the language with ease as they progress with us.

In our lessons, students will start to widen their vocabulary and spelling - this would help improve their Paper 1 capabilities too. We will ensure that the children have ample of expose and training before the exams in order to give them mental preparation as to what to expect in an exam situation.

Sign up now and experience our linguistic training for your children now.

$120 - $140/per month (1.5 Hours per Lesson, 4 Lessons per Month)

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Ms Amanda Toh

Ms. Amanda Toh started tutoring in 2015, specializing in English Language. She majors in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies and uses that expertise in the implementation of her lessons. She teaches English from pre-school to Secondary level and is well-acquainted in the current MOE syllabus. She has a proven track record of improvement in her students’ results.

Upper Primary Tutor & Curriculum Consultant

Ms Faizah

A driven and patient individual who is willing to go the extra mile to achieve results for your child. Students have been proven to improve (from bare minimum passes to As) as she tackles and works with them to tackle any problems at their foundation, ensuring that they are more confident during their English examinations..

Creative Writing & Lower Primary Tutor

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“Miss Amanda has been tutoring my daughter for 2 years and my daughter has been getting top in English in her class. She really pushes my daughter and even recommends her books to read during the holidays to stretch her language skills.”

Mdm Dinah

P4 & P5

“My daughter was able to score Band 1 for her exams thanks to Miss Amanda. She was previously in Band 3 range. She is very good with explanations and my daughter enjoys talking to her.”

Mrs Lim

P4 & P5

“She tutors both my daughters and they have been getting Band 1 for English. She is able to sustain the good results also.”

Mr Wong

P3 & 4

“Amanda has helped my son achieve a B4 for N Levels. He was previously getting a D7. She did a good job.”

Mr Lee

SEC 4 (NA)

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Level: Primary 1 - Primary 6

Price Range: $120 - 140

Location: 3House Learning Centre (Tampines East)

Maths Target Learning

Available for Primary 1 - 6

We take an objective approach to your child's learning in Maths. We ensure they get the basic exercises needed within the lesson to ensure that the students are familiar with the subject. On top of that, we will be targeting their weak points during the lessons to ensure that they would be able to master the topics well. Proven to increase your child's capability in the subject.

$120 - $140 (1.5hours per lesson, 4 lessons per month)

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Mr Ryan

He started teaching Primary School Mathematics in 2017. 
He had 3 Primary 6 pupils under his tutelage, amongst which 2 achieved distinctions in their PSLE examinations and the other improving from a failing grade of F9 in school to a C in the  2017 PSLE examination.

Maths Tutor

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Level: Primary 3 - Primary 6

Price Range: $120 - 140

Location: 3House Learning Centre (Tampines East)

Science Tuition

We believe that children not only need to understand but also

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