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The new "In Thing"! The ArtGround!


Today, we brought the children to The ArtGround to get their hands busy with some crafts while having fun! With the first ever Art infused playground in Singapore, it has helped the children use more of their creative and psycho-motor skills during the trip.

It was a true learning process for the children and they were able to think outside the box during this trip.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform parents of 3House that we would be introducing a new system to help improve our operations and efficiency within the school. Please kindly look out for a letter for this update next week. We thank all parents of 3House for supporting our blog and we look forward to your continuous support as we start to reinvent our communications within the school.

We would like to wish all children and parents of 3House a good September break and we look forward to seeing them in term 4! September break is from the 6 September till 15 September. School would reopen on the 16th September.

Thank you!

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