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Enrichment &Tuition


Art (in collaboration with Strokearts Studio)

Ages 3 to 12 & Adults too!

Strokearts Studio is an Art Enrichment centre established in 2014. They offer a stress-free space, dedicated guidance, and customized classes. Each lesson will be a new creative experience for all learners as they explore freely in a safe space.

Using different art styles and mediums, the projects and lessons with Strokearts studio help a child in their motor skills development, visual learning, cultural awareness, decision making, and presentation skills and boost their confidence.

For adults, this could be a good form of stress relief and self-satisfaction upon learning a new skill.

Abacus (in Collaboration with SIP Abacus)

Ages 5 to 18 years old

SIP Abacus builds on not only the Arithmetic capabilities of a student but also the cognitive skills and focus. 

SIP Abacus achieves this through using Abacus training, Brain Gym and speed writing.

All these will provide children with improvement in many aspects such as concentration, listening, writing, visual memory and information retention skills.

Hindi (in Collaboration with Hindi Society)

Ages 5 to 9 years old

Hindi Society provides a 2 to 3-hour lesson each weekend to teach Hindi in an accessible way to students of a wide range of ages. They use different ways like music and movement, speech and drama, show and tell, art and craft on top of the basic workbooks, textbooks and worksheets provided.

This will truly provide students will a holistic learning experience.

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