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It has been scientifically proven that a child's brain absorbs the most during the period from birth to 4 years old, and 3House also strongly believes in that.

In our 4 years step-by-step preschool programme, children will eventually master the Happiness in Learning. Many children have benefitted from our programme which has prepared them well for their lifelong learning.

We believe our children will truly find the Happiness in Learning!

We currently have 1 outlet in the East, Opposite Temasek Polytechnic (Blk 891). We also have 2 sessions for our Kindergarten, Morning and Afternoon session. (Slots subjected to availability)



Children will be introduced to and trained in their foundation classroom skills making them able to focus, listen and adapt to the classroom environment through playing, singing, interacting with their peers and other curriculum activities.


Ashwini More

Parent of Anirvan More (K1)

First of all, I would like to thank all the teachers for taking care of Anirvan while he is in school, whether it's a matter of studies or other activities. I have seen how his English reading skill have improved. All in all, happy with the school. Thank you.


Parent of Ipshita (N2)

All the teachers are very cooperative and understanding of our daughter's problem and tell us how to take care of her study.

Vivien Chao

Parent of Hannah and Phoebe Chao (K2 & N2)

Thankful for the very dedicated and caring team of teachers in 3House Kindergarten. My daughters enjoy and benefit much from their daily learning experience. The additional hugs and stickers and other intangible rewards that they receive keep them motivated in learning. Thank you, teachers!



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