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Coloring Geometric Shapes


Our ECDA registered Kindergarten centre provides an academically focused curriculum that prepares children adequately for their Primary school education while helping children reach their developmental milestones.

Our Curriculum

Subject-based learning for each level, helps expose children to all core subjects and more from a young age.

Holistic learning includes Social-Emotional learning, Motor Skills Development, and Art and Creativity. 3House finds opportunities to incorporate these aspects into our core subjects too.

Children will also learn classroom discipline and focus skills through the many years with us. 3House believes in helping children find their own happiness in learning with exposure to different approaches to learning and understanding.

Our subjects

In 3House Kindergarten, we offer:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Chinese

  • Art & Craft

  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills Development

3House has our own books provided, the syllabus thought goes hand-in-hand with each age group's developmental milestone and builds towards MOE syllabus for Primary school ensuring a smooth transition for all students to Primary school.

Teaching Methodology

Whole Brain Learning is a teaching methodology that engages both the left and right brain. It is based on the idea that students learn best when all parts of their brain are working together.

The left brain is responsible for logical thinking, language, and analysis. The right brain is responsible for creative thinking, intuition, and spatial reasoning. Whole Brain Learning uses a variety of teaching methods to stimulate both the left and right brain.

3House also believes in teaching children how to be independent and curious learners from a young age.

All these can be expected in our lessons in 3House Kindergarten.

Hear from Fellow Parents

Thankful for the very dedicated and caring team of teachers in 3House Kindergarten. My daughters enjoy and benefit much from their daily learning experience. The additional hugs and stickers and other intangible rewards that they receive keep them motivated in learning. Thank you, teachers!


Vivien Chao
Parent of Hannah and Phoebe Chao (K2 & N2)

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