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Enrichment &Tuition

Understanding Maths Concepts is important for many higher-level subjects in advanced learning, having a good base is crucial.


Ages 4 to 6

Using fundamental mathematical practice and reinforcement, we want children to remember the rules for maths and the different practices they should have when they look at different questions. We teach in line with the local MOE syllabus. After children have learned the basics of maths, counting, spelling, addition, and subtraction, we will move on to more abstract concepts and difficult questions.

Children can expect exposure to concepts like Picture Graphs, Time, Multiplication & Division, Mass, Length, and Money. These simple and basic exposures will help them when they dive deeper into these concepts in the future.

Primary maths

Ages 7 to 12

Students will be introduced to concepts following their school, only should concepts be completed earlier and students have shown clear understanding for the mathematical concept then we will move forward. We follow the local MOE syllabus, but also offer classes for international students which follow IGCSE.

Younger students can expect repetition and introduction of solutions for all types of questions, with great emphasis on the Problem Sums. Teachers will go through model drawings, guess and check and help to logically explain the questions and solutions to the students.

Older students will expect a wider range of questions to expose them and train them to be familiar with the answering techniques and questions of all types. We also keep in mind future applications of such concepts in higher level learning.

Secondary Maths

Ages 13 to 16

In lower secondary, our classes aim to build confidence in students to help them understand concepts through targeted practice and reinforcement. Students can expect detailed explanations and approaches to help with a true understanding of the concept. Practices will help to reinforce the understanding. 3House do our best to help your child score so that they will be able to have the option for double Maths when they stream at the end of Secondary 2. We follow the local MOE syllabus, but also offer classes for international students which follow IGCSE.

In upper secondary, we offer both E. Maths and A. Maths, which provide topical learning and practices followed by reinforcement on commonly asked questions that appear in local and national exam papers. We also use questions carefully curated by 3House. We aim to prepare the students for the national examinations to the best of our abilities.


Ages 7 to 1 5

A twice-a-week class aimed to help students prepare for the entrance exam. Classes consist of topical reviews and heuristic questions that are common in the exam. When topical reviews are completed, classes will consist of drills and sample exam papers to help students get used to sitting for the exam. We follow the local MOE syllabus, but also offer classes for international students which follow IGCSE.

We do our best to guide students through explanations of questions, solutions, and techniques used. We also remind students of different exam practices they must take note of.

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