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English Tuition

Ages 7 to 1 1

A twice a week class aimed to help students pass the test to be able to sit for the AEIS examination, our CEQ Tuition covers the basics and more! We ensure that all 4 areas that are examinable will be covered - Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. Students will be taught how to answer questions accurately while learning to write them down in the answer sheets clearly and neatly.

We will also over the format for the writing and what should be written in their stories to achieve marks for content, organisation and language. Speaking and listening practices will follow what is done in the actual exam, helping them become familiar with it.

English is a very important fundamental language for all students. Our classes aim to provide literacy and language classes for ages 5 to 16.

Phonics & Pre-English

Ages 4 to 6

Using high-frequency words and phonetic repetition and songs, we get young children to practice and learn the different sounds to build the basic blocks of literacy and comprehension.

Upon competition, children will proceed on to grammatical rules, comprehension practices and widen their vocabulary.

Primary English

Secondary English

Ages 7 to 12

Every month, students will have practice in all aspects of English. We follow the local MOE syllabus but also offer classes for international students who follow IGCSE.

Composition: Twice a month

Paper 2 Practice: Weekly
Oral: Once a month

Upper Primary will get practice for both situational and continuous writing in composition.

Paper 2 practice includes grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, editing, and sentence structure practices.

Spelling based on high frequency and good vocabulary words will be tested weekly, this encourages students to start searching for meaning on words they do not know of while expanding their word banks.

Ages 13 to 16

We follow the local MOE syllabus, but also offer classes for international students which follow IGCSE.

Students will have the following format per month:

Composition & Summary: Twice a month

Comprehension, Editing: Weekly
Oral: Once a month

Students will need to write both situational writing while executing it with the right format and continuous writing.

Comprehension includes visual text and normal text, while teaching students how to find and answer the summary question effectively. Exposure to different text also helps encourage better understanding and critical thinking.

A2/B1 CEQ English (AEIS)

CEQ A2 Key Results

Birth Year
Score (A2Key), Year Taken
112, 2022
Soha Fatima
130, 2022
123, 2023
121, 2023
132, 2023
136, 2023
140, 2023
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