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Enrichment &Tuition

Recent times, having more than one language under your belt is more common and sought after. In 3House, we offer Mother Tongue languages highly sought after in Singapore.

Chinese: Word Recognition & Spell sound (HYPY)

Ages: 5 to 7

Using whole-brain learning, children are introduced to the basics of Chinese in writing the strokes and recognising the words through pictures and actions.

When word recognition is achieved, students will move on to the Han Yu Pin Yin part of Chinese which teaches students about using letters to help identify the sounds of different Chinese characters which in turn builds on their Chinese literacy.

Chinese (Primary to JC)

Ages: 7 to 18

In 3House, we follow the local MOE syllabus. Students will be trained in composition writing, and vocabulary through the use of word recognition and Han Yu Pin Yin. The class will also work on paper 2 (comprehension, etc), listening comprehension, and oral skills.

We will provide timely mock exams to have students prepared for actual Weighted Assessments in school or even just to access the student's language capabilities at a given stage.

Tamil (preschool to Primary)

Ages: 4 to 12

Tamil in 3House follows the local MOE syllabus. Students will be accessed and we will begin from an appropriate level to see where their current level of understanding is at.

Basics will include letter recognition, literacy, comprehension skills, and sentence structure. As the child progresses, they will learn more about the language through different practices like comprehension, MCQ practices, and open-ended practices. Classes include reading, composition and oral practices. We will prepare all children to be confident in Tamil.

Hindi (in collaboration with Konzeptes)

Ages: 4 to 16

3House has proudly partnered with Konzeptes to provide a Hindi Tuition class for a wide range of ages. With experienced teachers, they will do an initial assessment to understand the child's language capabilities and start teaching from their level.

Konzeptes cover penmanship skills, reading, speaking and comprehension through the use of flashcards, textbooks, writing books and worksheets. This ensures a holistic understanding of the language. The Hindi classes conducted with 3House all follow the local MOE syllabus, therefore preparing them for major examinations if required.

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